Bee Removal – Why it is Important to Know About Them Before Getting Started

Bee Removal Staten Island is a serious business. It’s not only a matter of being stung by the thousands of little bees that are drawn to your tasty treat, but more importantly the repercussions of having a swarm of these insects on your property can be extremely hazardous. For this reason alone it is vital that you know all the facts about bee removal in Staten Island. Not knowing the details about an insect that lives in your neighborhood or even the specific species involved can lead to suffering and even deadly consequences. When it comes to bees, prevention is better than cure.

Bee Removal Staten Island

First of all, do not think of bee removal Staten Island as a job for the “struggle” or a hobby. The truth is that bee removal Staten Island is an activity that has to be done by professionals. Although many people are able to successfully handle the removal of bee swarms without any problems, it is far better to leave it to the experts. A lot of the time it is the beekeepers themselves that have trouble with bee removal Staten Island so they end up making the situation even worse by doing something they should have prevented in the first place. So be very careful when approaching a possible bee swarm.

Next, if you do decide to tackle the issue yourself then there are some things that you need to know. It’s best to only use a beekeeping smoker when bees are present. Smokers put out a specific type of smoke that irritates the bees enough that they quit moving towards your hive. This will often make it easier to get rid of bees once you have gotten them within a two-foot radius of your home.

Some beekeepers like to use an electric smoker as well. You do want to be very careful using one though, because it releases smoke that irritates the eyes and throats of those nearby. Trying to smother a swarm this way can cause suffocation. Remember that one incorrect move can end up causing a dangerous situation for all those nearby.

You’ll also find that there are quite a few different bee removal products out there. The most commonly used product to remove bees is known as “Bee Quik” which is a liquid that you apply by means of a tube. It kills the bees instantly and effectively. It’s definitely a good product but it can also be dangerous. Some people have been stung by using it so be sure to wear eye protection. The best advice that I can give you is to stay away from any product containing or using bee extracts or pesticides.

The best advice I can give you regarding bee removal Staten Island may not be what you may think at first glance. Most of the time a bee problem only becomes a problem when you have no immediate recourse. If you are serious about beekeeping and want to make it a lucrative business then you must understand that the responsibility is all yours. You will be responsible for the safety and health of your bees and yourself. It may sound scary but you can’t afford to take any chances.