Oven Repair Costs

The national average for oven repair charges is $150 and can rise as high as $300 for minor oven repairs. Unfortunately, most homeowners only pay about $200 to repair an electronic oven’s heating element. On the high end, repairing a control panel in a steam-powered oven can cost up to $600, while replacing a timer control in an induction oven can cost upwards of $1000. On the lower end, many do-it-yourself oven repairs only cost around $20. Thus, it’s easy to see why a large number of repairs are necessary.

Oven Repair

There are two most common problems afflicting modern ovens: electrical issues and stovetop issues. Electrical issues are less common, but they still happen. One example of a small electrical issue is when the oven’s power cord gets yanked. This usually happens if the wrong type of plug is being used or when the wrong voltage is being used. Other common electrical issues include cooking burns and meltdowns. To prevent these problems, follow these simple safety tips.

When it comes to stovetop oven repairs, the typical costs are higher because they involve more complicated repairs. Modern stoves now must be plugged into an outlet instead of being plugged into a wall socket. Older stoves were unplugged and left to work on their own. As a result, the average oven repair price is higher for newer stoves.

A bigger problem than electrical problems and repairs is malfunctioning of the oven igniter. An oven igniter is used to make sure that the heat generated inside an oven does not escape and come into contact with the outside. If the igniter malfunctions, the heat produced can escape and come into contact with things in the house like radiators and air conditioners. The resulting heat can even get in the way of the HVAC system. This can cause the system to overheat and have an accident.

Other appliance repair costs include those associated with replacing the oven, stove, and flooring. If the flooring is damaged, your oven may require the purchase of new flooring. Replacing the stove may require you to buy a new one or hire a professional to do it for you. On the other hand, the electrical issue can usually be fixed yourself. You may even be able to fix some of the appliance repair costs by buying the necessary parts at an auto parts store.

Finally, you should consider whether you need an oven repair kit or a new heating element. New oven heating elements are easier to install. They come with instructions, but a non-skilled person may need to help you with installation.