Physical Therapy Near Me – How Can I Benefit?

If you’re in need of physical therapy near Meckleworth, NJ, Physical Therapy Associates of Meckleworth is there to assist you with your knee pain. Our friendly and knowledgeable team offers over 100 different treatments for knee pain, including customized treatment plans just for you. Knee pain can cause a person to miss work, stop their current level of activity, or leave the sport they love due to the pain. Knee pain is also one of the most injured joints. Most people walk around every day, so knees will inevitably wear down over time as the weight puts additional strain on the joints.

Injuries are never fun, but when they occur, it can be impossible to ignore them. Having an injury, whether from work, sports, or some other event, can be devastating. It is very common for athletes, seniors, and individuals with joint pain to visit a local NJ orthopedic clinic for pain relief, after an injury that has caused severe discomfort. Physical Therapy can not only offer the needed pain relief, but also effective rehabilitation. In some cases, physical therapy can help patients prevent future injuries and allow them to maintain a normal range of motion.

A physical therapist may suggest a series of strength-building exercises in order to rebuild lost muscle strength after surgery or an injury. Recovery time varies between patients, but some of the most common post-surgery strength training exercises are swimming, squats, and lifting weights. Swimming, in particular, is excellent for rehabilitation because it uses multiple joints and muscles simultaneously, works up a lot of muscle, and requires a large amount of oxygen. Patients should remember that swimming is a low impact exercise that also requires a great deal of stamina, so they should consult with their therapists about swimming’s suitability as rehabilitation protocol.

Some doctors and therapists recommend specific inversion tables for patients who have had surgery or incurred an injury. Physical therapy near me is just one of the many treatment options that a physical therapist can recommend. If I were in need of orthopedic help, I would first consult with my doctor to make sure that a referral to a PT would not harm my surgical procedure or the healing process. In addition, I would choose my PT based on the results I am seeing from my X-rays and MRI scans.

If my doctor recommends physical therapy, he or she may suggest a program of postural exercises for my specific condition. The exact postural exercises for my condition vary from patient to patient, but some of the more common postural exercises that are recommended by physical therapists near me include: chair yoga, stability ball exercises, and stress balls. If my doctor feels that my pain is too much for a short time period, he or she may recommend a period of heat or ice therapy. Both of these treatments are relatively safe and easy to do at home.

Physical therapists can also help guide my weight loss efforts, strengthen my bones and muscles, and stretch the tendons and muscles near my knee. When I started using heat and ice therapy, I experienced immediate improvement in my soreness and swelling. I am now able to walk without feeling the stiffness that often comes with damaged knee joints.